The Benefits of Boating in the Fall

The Benefits of Boating in the FallWhile many boaters assume that Labor Day is the end of the season, there are actually plenty of reasons to continue boating during the fall. With the crowds back home and the waterways wide open, your boating season can keep going strong. As we discuss the advantages of fall boating excursions, ensure your vessel is still protected with a comprehensive NJ Boat Insurance program.

Fog is less common during the fall months as the air is crisp and clean, especially in the mornings. Further, with the added winds, sailing becomes much more feasible, as well. With tourists home for the season, it leaves the waterways open and allows locals to navigate the anchorages with far fewer distractions than the summer season.

According to the Portland Press Herald, it doesn’t matter whether your boat is propelled by sails or power, or whether you are racing or cruising. All it takes to enjoy boating in the fall is a little planning, both for yourself and for your boat. In the fall, you’re not likely to have those days with highs in the 80s and just a gentle breeze. Think 65s during the day, which is no problem with a layer of fleece (or maybe long johns) under the fall jacket.

Further, the cool fall weather makes for a perfect overnight boating adventure. As the weather isn’t too hot to stay out on the water all day, you can enjoy a 24-hour day trip with ease. For those who want to try to get a few more days in on the water just need to remember to double up the mooring pendants, add some chafe gear and remove canvas and other windage, including sails, if severe weather threatens, says the article.

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