How Can Truckers Promote Safety on the Road?

In the United States, around six million car accidents happen annually, resulting in an average of 37,000 fatalities. While some of these accidents are unavoidable due to hazards on the road or poor weather conditions, others are preventable.

If your business relies on truckers to get your products to your clients, road safety should be your top priority. Not only does your transportation insurance provider expect your drivers to stay safe, but so do your employees’ families and other motorists. Encourage your drivers to follow these common-sense truck driver safety tips.

Put Cell Phones in Park

Almost every state has laws against texting and driving, and some forbid phone calls as well. Looking down for just a second to check a text can still cause accidents. Ask your driving team to put their phones on silent and store them out of sight as they drive.

Buckle Up

Wearing a seatbelt is a simple way to prevent fatalities during accidents, but surveys suggest that around 16% of truckers don’t follow this elementary safety tip. Unless your business operates in New Hampshire, your truckers are legally required to buckle up on every route. Also, your transportation insurance providers may require your drivers to click their belts regardless of what state they’re in.

Follow the Speed Limit

It’s much easier for trucks to flip over on tight curves, and these larger vehicles take longer to stop than private cars. As a result, following posted speed limits is essential for keeping your truckers safe, particularly if a road has a special truck speed limit. Even if other cars are zooming by or your shipments take longer to arrive, require your drivers to follow the speed limit.

Make a Plan

When your truckers get lost or have to take unplanned detours, it’s hard for them to give safety guidelines their full attention. Require them to plan their routes before they set out, even if they have GPSs. These plans should include how long the trip will last, where they’ll stop for gas and bathroom breaks, and what the weather should be.

Say No to Alcohol and Other Drugs

If your truckers drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they risk being unable to make decisions wisely or quickly enough to avoid accidents. These behaviors are illegal as well as unsafe and could lead to fines and jail time for your drivers.

Take Care of Your Body

Many companies put their shipping times ahead of their truckers’ health, but these policies actually increase their chances of losing money to accidents. Avoid scheduling your truckers for multiple overnight trips each week, and encourage them to eat healthy food and exercise during their free time to increase their alertness.

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