New York Transportation Insurance: Being Eco-Friendly on the Road

New York Transportation Insurance: Being Eco-Friendly on the RoadNew York Transportation Insurance: Being Eco-Friendly on the Road

With so much focus on greener business practices and technologies, more companies are looking into how they can be more eco-friendly. The transportation industry has a huge opportunity to “go green” and it’s actually easier to do than you may think. Here are just a few ways that your trucking company can be eco-friendly on the road.

Have drivers use a GPS system rather than maps: Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a U.S. map on hand just in case you have a technology glitch, but using a GPS system or a smart phone app means using less paper.

Recycle: Recent surveys have found that many truck drivers now seek out recycling opportunities for aluminum, plastic, and glass trash items they accumulate throughout their travels.

Reduce speed: Aside from increasing the risk of trucking accidents, the faster a truck full of cargo goes the more fuel it uses. Many trucking companies have adopted a pay-per-mile model, which takes away the incentive for drivers to speed.

Other options that some trucking companies have investigated to become more eco-friendly are adopting the technologies of hybrid cars, using solar technology, and building trucks with better aerodynamics. While these options would be a significant undertaking, they are quoted as “the best ways to green the trucking industry” by the Ways2GoGreen Blog.

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