New York Transportation Insurance: What New Truck Drivers Can Expect

New York Transportation Insurance: What New Truck Drivers Can ExpectNew York Transportation Insurance: What New Truck Drivers Can Expect

Many drivers just entering the trucking industry usually know truck drivers or retired truckers. They can ask questions, seek guidance, and know what to expect as they start their first journeys. However, there are also the trucking students that finish their education, and discover a bit of a culture shock when it comes to their first big trip. When you have new drivers on your fleet, it’s a great idea to let them know what to expect.

First off, they need to understand that truck driving is so much more than a job; it is a lifestyle. There will be times that drivers are away from home for what seems like an excessive amount of time, plus they may need some creativity to keep up with healthy eating and exercise habits. It’s a lifestyle that many drivers thrive in, appreciating the solitude on the open road, especially on nice days.

The next thing that new drivers need to understand is that learning to drive a massive truck requires a learning curve, and being a safe driver takes patience, practice, and persistence. Maneuvers such as backing up and turning will be difficult at first. They will get used to it over time, but new drivers should expect to keep learning throughout the first year of their job and beyond.

Many experienced truck drivers say that their first year was the most important. Drivers may not have the ideal routes or driving schedule, and may be tempted to switch companies, but just as with any job, it takes time to get established, and it’s better to build loyalty with one company than to switch around too often.

When your employees know what to expect, they are more likely to enjoy their job more and be a valuable asset to your transportation company. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of the transportation industry to our economy and the exposures those in the various segments face on and off the road. We specialize in providing insurance programs for a variety of transportation businesses including trucking customers, public transport (buses, limousines, paratransit) and commercial auto fleets. Give our professionals a call at (888) 990-0526 for more information.