New York Trucking Insurance: How Severe Weather Impacts the Industry

New York Trucking Insurance How Severe Weather Impacts the IndustryNew York Trucking Insurance: How Severe Weather Impacts the Industry

2014 has seen some pretty intense winter weather. Hit with two polar vortexes within a couple of weeks, residents of New York and the rest of the tri-state area have seen their fair share of snow and ice. So how is the affecting the trucking industry? According to The Associated Press, a new study from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that will be released this month, found that the increasing prevalence of severe weather will have a negative impact on infrastructure and agriculture. That does not exclude the trucking industry.

While having the right New York trucking insurance policy will protect your fleet financially should your driver be involved in a collision or experience an injury while on the job, it’s still imperative to be aware of the risks that your industry faces, and know how to take the appropriate steps to mitigate losses or damages due to severe weather.

Naturally, a large amount of snowfall will lead to dangerous road conditions, especially on highways. This has the potential to make previously planned routes inoperable. So what can your business do when this happens? Many truckers are benefiting from using routing software programs that make it easier to identify quick alternative delivery routes. Dispatching vehicles in the middle of a severe storm carries significant risks, but by leveraging available technology to keep track of weather patterns, you may be able to plan routes accordingly and reduce those risks.

Another factor in reducing risks is keeping your drivers safe while they are traveling. Encourage them to be prepared for anything. They should keep a warm jacket, boots, gloves, a hat, etc. with them at all time, as well as extra food should they break down or get stuck in a snowstorm. Blizzards can be dangerous, but knowing what to expect and being prepared can save lives and reduce New York trucking insurance claims for your business.

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