NY Transportation Insurance: Safety Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers

NY Transportation Insurance: Safety Tips for Truck and Bus DriversNY Transportation Insurance: Safety Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers

If you own or run a transportation company, one of the most important things you can do to protect your business is invest in a New York transportation insurance policy. In addition, you’ll want to ensure the safety of your employees. Here are some safety tips to share with your drivers.

Take care of yourself: Not only is it required by law for truckers to follow the hours of service guidelines, it is important to their well-being. Drivers should eat well, sleep well, and keep fit to stay healthy and alert while on the road.

Maintain your vehicle: Drivers should learn how to inspect their vehicle, and do so before each trip. They should also check their brakes regularly.

Be aware of your “no-zone”: Other drivers aren’t always aware of where a truck’s blind spot, or no-zone, is. Drivers should give ample warning before changing lanes or turning, to avoid accidents.

Slow down in work zones: Drivers need to give themselves plenty of room and know to expect the unexpected. Most work zone crashes happen during the day, and almost one third of these crashes involve large trucks.

Keep your distance: Regardless of the situation, if a trucker or bus driver rear ends another vehicle, they are usually found “at fault.” It’s important that your drivers remember that their larger vehicles require more stopping time.

Avoid aggressive drivers: Advise your drivers to never speed around another vehicle or react to an aggressive driver. Keeping their distance and maintaining a safe speed will reduce their chance for a crash.

Be aware, and report unsafe conditions: If your drivers observe unsafe roadways, vehicles, or even other drivers, the best thing to do to help make the roads safer is to report it to either the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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