Peekskill Trucking Insurance: The Risks of Carrying Cargo

Peekskill Trucking Insurance: The Risks of Carrying Cargo Peekskill Trucking Insurance The Risks of Carrying Cargo

As Independence Day draws near, consumer fireworks are being transported to roadside stands, outlets and retailers across the country on public roads and highways. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that from Saturday June 28 through Tuesday July 8, the department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will conduct a nationwide roadside inspection sweep, in an effort to better ensure public safety on the highways. The sweeps are designed to ensure that commercial vehicles transporting fireworks are operating in full compliance with federal and state safety standards. Federal inspectors will be partnering with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and local state law enforcement officials to examine drivers, vehicles and hazardous materials being transported. They will be inquiring with drivers about proper documentation including safety permits, shipping papers, placards, load securement, packaging, marking, labels, and all other state and federal requirements for the transportation of fireworks.

While not all commercial trucking operation specialize in transporting fireworks or other hazardous materials, having the proper credentials and documentation is important for all cargo loads every day of the year. Making sure your fleet is properly licensed, permitted and documented can help your business avoid costly government fines and legal complications.

Many types of cargo can pose huge liability exposures and public safety concerns for trucking operations. Transporting many types of heavy materials through shared spaces is not only a safety risk for drivers but also for the greater public. In the event that a hauler becomes involved in an accident, the scope and severity of potential injury and property damage greatly increase. Should an accident cause damage to or damage resulting from any carried load the trucking operation could be held legally liable for the resulting ramifications, injuries, clean-up and other expenses incurred.

Ensuring that all driver and assets are protected in the event of an accident, lawsuit, policy infringement or other hurdle is essential for the safety of any Peekskill trucking business. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand the important role trucking plays in the national economy are experts in assessing the risk exposures New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania trucking operations face on and off the road. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Peekskill Trucking Insurance policies including Business Auto Insurance for your fleet, Motor Truck Cargo Insurance and other specialty liability coverage offerings. To find out more about any of our offerings, give our Peekskill Trucking Insurance professionals a call today at (888) 990-0526.