Sussex County Business Insurance: Reducing Trucking Pollution Liability

Sussex County Business Insurance: Reducing Trucking Pollution LiabilitySussex County Business Insurance: Reducing Trucking Pollution Liability

Do you know why New Jersey pollution Liability coverage is such an important part of your Sussex County business insurance portfolio in the trucking industry? This type of insurance covers claims from any third party damages, whether it’s bodily injury or property damage. It also covers remediation costs that come from accidents resulting in one’s covered operations. A surprising few number of trucking companies carry this type of coverage because they don’t understand its importance.

With this in mind, even if you have this insurance coverage, there may still be steps your trucking business can take to reduce your pollution liability exposure. For example, were you aware that pollution generation could be reduced by simply not speeding? If truckers reduced their speeds from 75 to 65 miles per hour they would have the ability of lowering the pollution they generate by 27%.

What are some other pollution reducing tips you can share with your staff? There are a lot of truckers who sleep inside their cabs for a period of time. Due to this, they leave their truck running in order to keep in warm or cool while trying to sleep. There are actually devices available that don’t require the truck to be running in order to heat or cool the cab. This means that the truck won’t be running 24 hours a day during your driver’s run, and you’ll essentially be reducing pollution immensely.

Another factor that contributes to trucks producing more emissions is how the trucker drives. Drivers who try to pull off the road as quickly as they are able to puts stress on the engine, which burns more fuel. Truckers should start off slow and make certain that they shift in a timely fashion to decrease pollution, which coincidentally will also improve their gas mileage.

These are a few of things you can do to reduce your pollution liability exposure within your trucking business. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand the special needs that the Trucking Industry has when it comes to New Jersey Business Insurance. Please contact us today at 888.990.0526 for more information.