No restoration is complete without the right coverage.

Protecting Your Classic with Coverage from Provident Protection Plus

Those who are fortunate enough to possess antique, classic or collectors cars aren’t just owners—they’re enthusiasts who have an emotional connection to their treasured vehicles, and are truly passionate about their care and protection. From Sussex County down to Monmouth, Morris to Bergen County, and several in between, knowledgeable classic car owners turn to Provident Protection Plus for coverage.

The Provident Protection Plus difference appeals to this special breed of owner.

Provident Protection Plus itself is something of a classic, having insured four-wheeled beauties since we opened our doors more than 65 years ago. We understand the diverse insurance needs of the purist who displays his matching-numbers vehicle in shows, the muscle car driver who tears up the highway on the weekends, or the owner of the groovy 23-window VW bus that’s completely original down to the 6-volt electrical system. Our careful analysis of your needs will help determine whether you’ll do best with coverage on an agreed-value basis so that depreciation won’t play a role in the amount of reimbursement in the event of a claim, or if a stated-value or cash value policy makes more sense.

Amount and type of use affects your coverage needs.

Keep in mind that how you use your classic car makes a difference in the coverage that you need. For example, showing your classic car in auto shows or parades, using it for business purposes, or allowing others to drive the vehicle will drive the type of policy you need. Say you’re concerned about an injury occurring at an auto show; you can select medical reimbursement insurance for that risk. You might have spent years searching for Frenched headlights or suicide doors and you want spare parts coverage, optional automatic coverage for purchases you make (up to policy limits), or comprehensive insurance for broader protection. And when breakdowns occur, which are par for the course with older vehicles, towing insurance (in some cases on flatbeds, the method of choice) is available.

We also understand that collectors rarely limit their purchases to the vehicles alone. That’s why we also offer coverage for related items such as automotive memorabilia and ornaments, related tools and tool storage units, accessories, and more. So whether your collection includes antiques, vintage motorcycles or other types of these one-of-a-kind valuables, Provident Protection Plus can assemble the right kind of coverage for you.

Provident Protection Plus to serve your insurance needs.

At Provident Protection Plus, we understand what matters most to you and your family, and we have insurance solutions to meet your needs every step of the way. Our success hinges on our unique ability to build strong personal relationships with our customers in order to provide best-in-class insurance solutions. Give our professionals a call toll-free at 888.990.0526, email us or fill out and send the form on this page for a free consultation and quote.