Misfortune doesn’t distinguish between owners and renters. Make sure you’re covered.

Renters Insurance from Provident Protection Plus

Regardless of their income level, in reaction to the uncertainties of today’s economy, many people are going the rental route rather than purchase a home. Whether you are renting an elegant Montville estate or a modest home in the Paterson suburbs, there will nonetheless be a need to protect yourself and your property with a rental insurance policy. Provident Protection Plus can make sure that this protection is in place with programs from the very basic to more enhanced, depending on your personal needs.

In the event of theft of or damage to your personal belongings (e.g., furniture, clothing, electronics, and other articles), rental insurance is there to offer protection. It also protects you from personal liability and covers you from liability should someone become injured while at your home. Keep in mind that the property owner’s policy does not extend to you for these risks, so having your own insurance makes even more sense. The many choices you’ll be faced with when selecting the right coverage amounts, deductibles, and options makes it all the more critical to have guidance along the way with the professionals at Provident Protection Plus.

Add options for even more protection.

The coverage can be augmented to address a variety of issues regarding your personal property in the event of a loss, such as protection from depreciation (via Replacement Cost insurance); protection from water damage due to sewer and drain backups; additional coverage for high-value items such as fine art, jewelry, collectibles, silverware, antiques, and so on; there’s even an option to receive a cash settlement after a loss rather than repair or replace the damaged or stolen items.

Provident Protection Plus to serve your insurance needs.

At Provident Protection Plus, we understand what matters most to you and your family, and we have insurance solutions to meet your needs every step of the way. Our success hinges on our unique ability to build strong personal relationships with our customers in order to provide best-in-class insurance solutions. Give our professionals a call toll-free at 888.990.0526, email us or fill out and send the form on this page for a free consultation and quote.