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Insure Your Vacation Getaway with Provident Protection Plus

Come summer, spring break, or whenever the urge hits, many of our clients retreat to their vacation homes. Whether your getaway is a beachside cottage along the Jersey shore, a cozy condo in Sedona where you snowbird the winter away, or anywhere else you can hang a hammock, you can rest assured knowing that Provident Protection Plus can provide you with insurance to cover your dwelling and your personal property, and even protect guests who come to visit you.

There are a variety of approaches to insuring your vacation home, including via your homeowners policy or with standalone coverage, and we will evaluate all of them to determine which one is best for your circumstances. We can tell you about policies that offer protection for certain types of risk, such as vandalism, fire, explosion, or damage from water or smoke. Coverage can be purchased on a replacement cost basis, which enables you to obtain replacements for items that are damaged or destroyed based on their full (rather than depreciated) value. Protection doesn’t have to be limited to the home itself—if you have a private detached structure such as a gazebo or boathouse, it can be covered as well.

Additional protection for special contents as well. 

Chances are if your primary residence contains fine art, high-value collectibles such as Persian rugs or silverware, antiques, etc., you’ll furnish your vacation home with similar items as well. If that’s the case, Provident Protection Plus can offer you coverage for those special contents. And to round out your coverage, we’ll also address liability issues that arise if your vacation home is water-adjacent or features a swimming pool, trampoline, rock-climbing wall, skateboard practice pipe, etc., or if you will host parties where alcohol will be served; all of these can pose a risk for which enhanced coverage may be appropriate.

Provident Protection Plus to serve your insurance needs.

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