Protect your special event if thing wrong.

Special Events Insurance Solutions from Provident Protection Plus

A wedding is one of the most memorable days in one’s life, one that typically takes a lot of planning and saving over the years until the big day arrives. With the average wedding costing more than $25,000, this is not just the first day of the rest of the bride’s (or groom’s) life, it’s one of the most expensive they’ll ever experience. With so much invested, it makes good sense to protect that special day with weddings and special events insurance from Provident Protection Plus.

Policy protects because so much can go awry. 

Special events insurance can literally save the day in so many ways. Say the caterer is a no-show, the venue becomes unavailable, the best man causes some property damage, the dress gets destroyed (long story), or a con artist masquerading as a guest stole all the gifts. These and a host of other calamities—even the need to postpone or cancel the event—would be covered by a special events policy.

Sometimes the event is taking place at your home, which can present other concerns. For example, perhaps someone sustains bodily injury while in the home during the event. A special events insurance policy can cover the risk, sparing a claim on your homeowners coverage. You can even add host liquor liability coverage to the special events policy, which may be wise if liquor will be served at the event.

Types of events you can insure.

Special event insurance can be purchased for a variety of events of varying duration, from a single-day party to a bash that lasts for days. Besides weddings, consider the coverage for these types of celebrations:

  • Birthday party
  • Family reunion
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation celebration
  • Housewarming
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Baptism
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Baby shower

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