A safe workplace helps to mitigate risk, reduce claims and keep premiums in line.

Helping to Foster A Culture of Safety

You don’t have to be in construction or manufacturing to need a formal safety program. Every business can benefit from putting safety at the top of its agenda. Did you know that most commercial general liability claims arise from slips and falls, many of which can be prevented by adherence to the simplest safety plan? Similarly, the vast majority of workers compensation claims could be averted if companies would implement and enforce safety measures.

Training is essential.

Safety begins with training and is complemented by awareness and enforcement. Provident Protection Plus can help you begin or enhance a workplace safety program at your company. Whether you use a poster campaign, supervisor checklists, manager spot-checks, or broad employee training, you can develop a culture of safety that reduces your risks of injury and your costs of claims.

Since injury is not the only risk, we can also provide resources on promoting an overall safe environment—one free from chemical hazards, illness, and emotional trauma. In this world of heightened awareness and sensitivity, your company cannot afford to ignore these issues. Turn to your Provident Protection Plus advisor for information and suggestions on programs that will benefit your employees and your bottom line.

Provident Protection Plus to serve your insurance and risk management needs.

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