Excess flood insurance keeps you from getting hung out to dry.

Excess Flood Insurance Solutions from Provident Protection Plus

In 2011 it was Hurricane Irene, one of the most destructive and deadly hurricanes to batter the U.S. in the past 30 years. Then in October 2012 came Super Storm Sandy, which swept flood waters through the entire Eastern seaboard and hurled both New Jersey and New York into a state of emergency. Portions of the East Coast that felt Sandy’s wrath were permanently altered, and there are many areas – including those that are not considered designated flood areas – that are still in the process of recovery.

When residents are confronted with difficult and challenging scenarios like this, they can turn to Provident Protection Plus for the expertise and knowledge they need to create an effective flood insurance plan to protect their homes. Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) we can secure the coverage you need, or obtain insurance from alternative markets that may actually be more appropriate for the flood-prone regions in which we offer services.

In basic terms, an NFIP-offered flood policyprovides up to $250,000 in coverage for physical damage to an insured property resulting from floodwater. The policy does not normally include protection for the home’s contents, yet policy enhancements of up to $100,000 are available. Still, that simply may not be enough.

Higher policy limits may be called for. 

If necessary, we will analyze your need for broader coverage and greater limits than are available via the NFIP, turning to our network of alternative competitive markets. Particularly if you own a high-value home, you should consider purchasing excess flood insurance to greatly increase the amount of flood coverage for both the dwelling itself as well as the contents inside. An excess flood policy can also offer funds to cover additional living expenses during the time it takes to repair your residence. We also have access to providers in the marketplace that write insurance for coastal and non-coastal homes as well as secondary residences, rentals, condominiums, and other key circumstances.

Many residents in the region found out the hard way that the standard homeowners insurance policy does not include protection for flood damage, regardless of whether they have a sump pump rider or sewage and backup insurance. Here again, excess flood insurance is effective, offering protection in the event a rush of water creates a mudflow that damages your home.

We start evaluating your needs with a careful review of federal flood maps to determine the flood zone in which your property is located. We combine this with your property details, such as presence of a basement and low-lying windows, to pinpoint what type of insurance is called for, how much coverage is needed, and how much it will cost.

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