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The Benefits of Claims Analysis

One of the best ways to determine if your company is performing as well as it could in the field of risk management is to perform a claims analysis. Such a review reveals not only sheer numbers of claims and amounts of payout; it also provides a deep look at the specifics of the claims, which can reveal trends and problem areas.

Digging deep to pinpoint problem areas.

At Provident Protection Plus, we can assist with a full claims analysis in specific areas of concerns. Our workers compensation claims reviews can spotlight compliance problems, chronic hazards, and particularly vulnerable employee groups. They can also identify errors made by the insurer that could affect your experience modification factor—a critical element in determining your premium costs. Based on these reviews, you can make adjustments to your worksites or procedures, and you can challenge and correct claims errors—possibly leading to more attractive policy pricing.

If you have higher than average employment practices or errors and omissions claims, we can help you identify solutions involving procedural improvements. If your internal crime or auto-related claims are too high, we can propose corrective measures there, as well. It’s first a matter of looking at the data to determine if problems exist and find what is causing them.

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