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Provident Protection Plus Provides Personal Umbrella Protection

Contrary to some beliefs, umbrella insurance isn’t only for those in the highest income brackets. In fact, this coverage is often employed by savvy clients who utilize it as a financial safety tool for its ability to shield assets via an extension of liability protection.

Allow the professionals at Provident Protection Plus to show you how you can put an umbrella policy to work for you. We’ll perform a detailed review of all your assets—including savings, investments, real estate holdings, real and liquid assets, other items of value, and insurance, to develop a clear picture of your financial profile. We then examine your financial goals, and establish how well they align with the factors that present a risk to your financial health, such as spending habits, general lifestyle, family commitments, location, reputation, or various other elements that could enhance or detract from the potential growth of your financial portfolio. In some cases, we may recommend purchasing an umbrella policy to help protect your assets.

In times of need, the umbrella policy goes to work.

An umbrella policy comes into play when the liability limits of your underlying insurance policies (typically homeowners, auto, boat, or RV insurance) are exhausted. For example, say you are found liable for a catastrophic auto accident and the resulting $2 million claim amounts to well over the $300,000 coverage limit on your auto policy. The umbrella would take over where the auto policy left off, paying the remainder of the covered claim. What’s more, an umbrella policy can often be tailored to enhance coverage on an underlying personal liability policy you may have, sometimes protecting you for risks that the underlying coverage excludes. For this reason, an umbrella policy can provide a welcome layer of strength for an insurance program at a price that’s very reasonable.

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