A Road Trip Guide for Couples

If you are embarking on a road trip with your other half, you should consider keeping the journey a peaceful one. While playlists are being made and snacks are being packed, prepare for the experience as a couple. Just about every road trip can easily cause tension, but you can bypass many issues with a little planning.  First and foremost, you will want to secure the best NJ car insurance, but proper coverage isn’t the only way to help you reach your destination with peace of mind. In this article, we’ll provide essential road trip guide tips.

Planning Together

It’s essential to plan your road trip together, from snacks to stops, and of course, playlists. Open communication is your number one ticket. Voice your desires before leaving. Pick out your must-see attractions, what restaurants you’re dying to visit, and choose the sleeping accommodations as a team. This will help both people feel comfortable, prepared, and excited about the adventure.

Some Alone Time is Just Fine

It is perfectly fine to get some alone time during your stops. For instance, if you want to see a performance art exhibition, but your partner is more into sporting events, plan to do those things apart. A road trip can allow you to embrace your differences.

Traveling Words to Live By: “Good Idea!”

Being conscientious is a key to happy and long-lasting relationships, but that may be tested on road trips. If your significant other suddenly wants to venture off-course, but you want to press on, it is better to be open to spontaneity and compromise. If you talk it out with agreeability as the goal, this decision shouldn’t impact your overall trip. In fact, it might be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and how you make decisions together.

Flexible Rules for Stops

Most of us tend to aim for good timing on a road trip, but there’s no point letting your partner suffer just to nix a few minutes off the trip. If your other half needs a bathroom break or wants to snap a picture at a lookout point, it is in your best interest to be patient and flexible. You might even consider planning out your stops together. When stopping for a bathroom run, maybe grab snacks and stretch out your limbs at the same visit.

Avoid Sensitive Subjects

Keep in mind that a road trip is not the time to discuss potentially triggering subjects. Small disagreements are inevitable, but try your very best not to let them escalate and stay focused on the bigger picture- your adventure together!

Put Down the Phone

If you’re the passenger, put down the phone (Obviously, the same goes for the driver.) You don’t want to make the car ride lonely for your partner. If you really want to use your phone, you can allow it to be shared entertainment such as taking a couple’s quiz, doing silly car games, or listening to a podcast or audiobook, and of course, enjoy a fun playlist.

Utilize GPS

Directions can be an exceptionally touchy subject for couples. In these tense situations, always remain respectful and patient, whether you’re the driver or the passenger. Passengers should avoid criticizing the driver unless your lives are truly in danger. And drivers should be easy on the passengers if they misunderstand the directions. You can prevent some of these arguments by using a GPS on high volume for extra assistance and reminders. And remember, even if you take a wrong turn, that’s just part of the adventure.

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