Autumn Construction Safety

Construction jobs come with certain risks. While the nature of the work itself elevates the potential for an accident, there are measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of having an employee experience an injury or having a costly and time-consuming accident on site.

Preparing Construction Sites for Fall

With the autumn season, comes cooler temperatures and a greater chance of inclement weather. Frequent rain can lead to muddy, slippery ground that is more difficult to navigate. Keep your Construction Insurance up to date and take all precautions to adjust for these new challenges.

  • Make sure that all ladders and scaffolding are set up properly on solid, secure ground. Mud, wet leaves, and other debris can pose a threat to the security of the equipment your work crews use on a daily basis. Emphasize the importance of checking all equipment and keeping it clean of mud.
  • The soft, slippery ground can mean an increase in falling accidents. Remind your workers to clear their footwear of mud and inspect their tools before use.
  • A common trend that takes place during the autumn months is facial hair growth. Your employees may begin to grow a beard or mustache as a statement to raise awareness for a worthy cause, for sporting events, hunting traditions, or even as added warmth and protection from the elements. Facial hair can sometimes interfere with the fit of respirators and other gear, so it is vital to ensure that they are used properly.

Addressing Seasonal Illness

Flu and other illnesses typically increase during colder weather. Flu shots can help prevent illness and complications in your workers, and reduce the spread of any sickness to other crew members. Encourage everyone to get their vaccinations and practice good hygiene for the benefit of all.

Fall Construction Safety Tips

Construction insurance is essential to protect your business and your employees from the fallout of an accident or injury. When fall weather sets in, take a look at your insurance policy to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Also, you should consider how the new season will impact your typical methods of keeping the construction site safe. Always mark off the area clearly and use signs to alert traffic and pedestrians to the presence of active construction and crew members. Fewer daylight hours and an increase in cloudy, rainy days may also warrant the use of additional lights to illuminate the job site and any potential hazards.

Review Common Procedures

Use the opportunity of the changing seasons to do a refresh all your safety practices. Go over emergency procedures, your company’s policies, and necessary protective gear usage.

Many accidents and injuries are preventable when you take the necessary precautions and remain vigilant while on the job. Install safe working practices in your employees and maintain a secure job site for the benefit of your crew and bystanders.

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