Avoiding Construction Accidents: Hazards to be Aware of

Avoiding Construction Accidents Hazards to be Aware of Earlier this year, we discussed How Construction Workers Can Avoid OSHA Fines by properly preparing the work site. Unfortunately, a California based construction company faces cumbersome penalties after one of its employees was killed on the job site as a result of improper planning and operation. To protect your firm in regrettable circumstances such as this, don’t hesitate to implement your NJ Construction Workers Compensation policy.

A 28 year old Maggiora & Ghilotti worker was killed on April 15th when a 40 foot steel pipe rolled over and crushed him. The construction crew was attempting to replace an old water pipe when the incident occurred. The employee was operating a forklift to unload and transport the new pipe, weighing 8,000 pounds, down a sloping road. The concrete coated steel pipe was not secured properly to the forklift, causing it to roll off and kill the worker. Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) at Cal/OSHA, stated “This fatality could have been avoided had the required safety measures been in place for working at a hazardous location.” These measures include chocks and barriers to prevent the steel pipe from moving.

Cal/OSHA fined Maggiora & Ghilotti for three separate citations for failing to recognize and plan for the hazard of transporting the steel pipe, failing to survey and plan for the hazards of uneven ground, and for not securing the pipe properly during transport, according to the American Canyon office. These citations totaled $38,250.

According to the Safety Services Company, the average citation cost is $900. This is a substantial figure as 50,630 citations were issued in 2010 alone. The top 5 citations for construction companies include general requirements, duty to have fall protections, ladders, training requirements, and hazard communication violations. These damages cost the offending companies a total of $24.5 million during the fiscal year.

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