Decorating for Halloween: Safety Tips

Decorating for Halloween has become more and more extravagant, falling second only to Christmas. While a bright display of festive decorations can put your house on the map, there are some safety considerations to remember this holiday season. In addition to securing a NJ High Value Home Insurance policy, consider the following for keeping your home and loved ones safe.

Use the proper lighting

Be sure to use the right lighting for outdoor usage. Look for the UL mark. This means representative samples have been tested and met the rigorous safety standards. If the UL mark is in red, it means the product has been tested for outdoor use, including exposure to rain and UV light from the sun. If the UL label is green, the lights are suitable for indoor use only, says SafeBee. Further, never use damaged lights or those with frayed wires. These pose significant safety risks, so toss the old ones and replace them immediately. Remember, decorations are relatively inexpensive and aren’t worth the risk of starting a fire.

Don’t overload the electrical circuits

Overloading electrical circuits can cause a power outage or worse a fire. LED lights have a less propensity to have any adverse results from use. It might be a smart decision to utilize this new technology instead of the latter. If you do decide to choose the old method to decorate, be sure to use outdoor extension cords that are designed specifically to weather the harsh elements of fall and winter.

Use candle alternatives

Candles are beautiful, but they are a risky part of decorating. Instead, opt for battery-operated flameless candles or even glow sticks. These are safer and you can’t tell the difference once they are inside the jack-o-lantern or a paper bag. If you do choose to use candles, never leave them unattended and make sure all other decorations are out of reach to prevent fires.

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