Parade Decorating Safety Tips for Boat Owners

Parade Decorating Safety Tips for Boat OwnersHoliday season is in full swing and the annual boat parades have begun. While these beautiful displays are surely a sight to see, there are some safety considerations to be made in order to secure the well-being of your boat and guests. Maintain your New Jersey Boat Insurance and follow these recommendations to ensure a safe and festive holiday season on the water.

Powering Up

Naturally, additional lights and electricity increases the risk of electrical fires. To prevent any mishaps, ensure that none of the bulbs are broken and that the wires are not frayed prior to hanging them on your boat. Next, wrap plug connections tightly between strands with high-quality electrical tape, and don’t overload circuits, says Boat U.S. Further, never use portable generators as your sole power source as they are easy to burn out. Lastly, consider using displays with LED lights as they are the most effective and use less energy.

Safe Hanging

Without walls, hanging lights can be a tricky task. Instead, hang lights with wire ties and chicken wire to create a sturdy design. Boat U.S. also states to string the lights to the wire, and then staple it to wood frames, which are then secured to the boat using halyards, lines, blocks, and integral boat structures such as outriggers, masts, booms, and spinnaker poles. Keep in mind that lights should be placed above the deck level so they are not damaged by water and don’t get in the way when docking. Moreover, avoid placing lights in locations that could compromise the driver’s vision.


While extravagant displays are beautiful, be sure they do not compromise the stability of the boat. The extra height and weight can be dangerous if not planned safely. Be mindful of fierce winds and weather conditions when planning your displays.

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