Does NJ Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Does NJ Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage? Does NJ Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

There have been countless reports of severe flooding across the nation this summer, from ruptured water lines in Los Angeles, Ca to heavy rainfall in Detroit, MI. Add these instances onto the seasonal threat of tropical storms along the Atlantic coast and nearly the entire nation is buzzing about the imminent dangers and damages that can accompany flooding and high-waters. While most reports focus on the damages faced by buildings, residences and commercial structures, too few expose the impact that flood damage can have on vehicles. Not only can roadway flooding cause irreparable damage to vehicles, it can also be deadly. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control report that more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard. Furthermore, over half of all flood-related drowning incidents occur when a vehicle is driven into hazardous flood water by motorists who underestimate the force and power of flood water.

It is crucial for motorists to remember that cars and trucks are not amphibious and that when exposed to water many of a vehicle’s essential systems will fail or suffer severe damage which can have lasting impacts on its longevity and performance. Water frequently wreaks havoc on a car’s engine, electrical system, and interior which often leads to a vehicle being considered “totaled” by many insurers.  If a car has been completely or partially submerged, extensive disassembly, repair and cleaning will likely be needed. Depending on the vehicle make, model and age, the cost of cleaning and repairs often exceeds the vehicles’ value in resulting in a total loss of the vehicle. Should your vehicle suffer water damage it is likely that your NJ auto insurance policy will help cover the cost of damages, repair or provide financial compensation if the vehicle is determined “totaled.” The best course of action for any motorist dealing with a water damaged vehicle is to contact your insurance provider for assistance in determining the best course of action and identify what coverage your current policy will provide you.

At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency we understand the risks of owning and operating vehicles. Our NJ auto insurance specialists have extensive experience protecting drivers and vehicles from the risks they may encounter on an off the road. From New Jersey commercial auto insurance to auto insurance, our specialists can help secure comprehensive vehicle coverage to help protect vehicles from damages sustained through flooding and weather, theft, vandalism and a host of other non-accident hazards. To learn more about complete NJ vehicle coverage, give us a call today at (888) 990-0526.