Electronic Proof of Delivery: Minimizing Wholesale Risk

Electronic Proof of Delivery Minimizing Wholesale RiskAn Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) system is being implemented in the courier industry that is promoting efficiency and accuracy. This new development allows for less mistakes and miscommunication among wholesale deliveries. As we move toward a more digitalized society, insuring your business with New Jersey Wholesale Insurance will protect your orders, delivery, and any hiccup that might happen in between.

Many wholesalers are still reliant on manual data entry which leaves a lot of room for human error and increases workload. In this day and age, this technique is proving to be highly inefficient and inaccurate. The EPOD is helping to reduce a number of wholesale distributing issues. Here’s how:

  1. Handheld Devices- Electronic tracking of delivery notes ensure the customer’s order is in line with what was delivered. Orders, invoices, and returns are tracked electronically which reduces response time. Less paper use also cuts down on photocopying and storage costs, as well.
  2. Customer Understanding- Drivers can update customer preferences and store them in their handheld device (i.e. prefers delivers at certain time, prefers to be dropped off in back of store, etc.) Business 2 Community also suggests using the system to conduct customer surveys to gain more customer insight easily.
  3. Technology Improves Insight- Confirmation can be sent electronically for scheduled and authorized deliveries to ensure speedy and accurate service.

These technological advances are being used to make the wholesale delivery process more effective. Although there are evident risks involved with handling and delivering product, Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency is here to protect your wholesale business from a variety of different risk exposures. To learn more about our wholesale insurance, as well as other specialty market coverage such as transportation and manufacturing programs, contact one of our specialists today at (888) 990-0526.