Essential Fall Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle

Before venturing out onto the road, there are safety tips for riding your motorcycle that you should know. Motorcycle riders need to be conscientious about how conditions on the road change with the seasons.

Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle: The Checklist

As autumn gets underway, riders should take a few extra safety precautions. Motorcyclists need to ride safely, and here is how they can accomplish it.

Stay on Top of Inspections and Maintenance

Many people who own motorcycles often ride in the spring and summertime when temperatures are pleasant, and there isn’t snow or ice to worry about. By the time fall rolls around, your bike may be due for a thorough inspection and preventative maintenance. This fall, make time in your schedule and save room for your motorcycle budget. Generally, motorcycle insurance does not cover the cost of preventative maintenance. Nevertheless, you need to give your bike the mechanical care it needs to ensure it is safe and roadworthy.

Be Careful About Debris

Falling foliage and windy weather can put a lot of leaf debris and other materials on the road. During the fall, you must be vigilant about objects in your path. Even small objects like acorns or branches could result in an accident and motorcycle insurance claim.

Watch Out for Early Ice

Motorcyclists typically avoid conditions that they expect to be icy, but ice on the road can sneak up on you well before winter. After a rainshower, a drop in the temperature could cause ice to form on the ground. You should check the forecast. Also, you should anticipate morning frost on particularly chilly days even if there hasn’t been any rain.

Be Smart About Passenger Safety

As you go about fun fall activities with your friends and loved ones, you must be sure you’re taking all the suitable precautions with passengers. Have an extra helmet and glasses on hand. Riding with a passenger can make your steering and balance less precise. Riding somewhat slower is usually good practice when carrying excess weight with you. Of course, the potential gravity of an accident is severe when you’re responsible for someone else’s safety, so you should review your insurance coverage. What does motorcycle insurance cover when a passenger sustains an injury? Insurance coverage for motorcycles could include a passenger’s medical expenses, but coverage limits and exclusions will depend on your policy’s specific terms.

Use Your Lights

You’ll need to turn your lights on earlier than you’re accustomed to when it gets darker. Make sure that your headlight and rear lights are in working condition. Make safety your top priority when heading out to enjoy fresh fall air on your bike. Being attentive to maintenance and safe riding practices will help you avoid accidents.

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