Essex County Business Insurance: Workplace Conversations to Avoid

Essex County Business Insurance: Workplace Conversations to AvoidEssex County Business Insurance: Workplace Conversations to Avoid

If you own or manage a business of any kind, you likely know how important workplace communication is. Saying the wrong thing to a client, your superior, or even an employee can do serious damage to your career, or potentially put you at risk for a general liability or employment practices liability lawsuit.

The only way to truly protect yourself from these types of claims is by obtaining the right type of Essex County Business Insurance. However, it may also benefit you to familiarize yourself and your employees with workplace conversations to avoid, such as these:

“I can’t stand working with _____.” Complaining about a coworker’s personality usually reflects more poorly on the complainer than the coworker. These types of conflicts should never be brought up publicly. If there is an issue, it should be discussed with HR or the appropriate individual in the privacy of their office.

“I won’t/can’t do that.” One of the worst things an employee can do is automatically refuse a task or opportunity without giving it proper consideration. It’s always better to at least say “I will try” and then make a sincere effort to meet the expectations being asked of you.

“I partied way too hard this weekend, and I’m hungover.” There are very clear reasons why this is not an appropriate conversation to have at work. Even if an employee has a friendly relationship with their boss, maintaining professionalism will pay off when it comes time to advance within the company or ask for a raise.

These are just a few of the workplace conversations that should be avoided. Other topics to steer clear of include discussions involving religion, politics, and problems in your personal life, your career aspirations, and any health problems. Being aware of how to professionally communicate in the workplace will potentially help protect your business values and finances.

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