Essex County Manufacturing Insurance: Revolutionary Production Methods

Essex County Manufacturing Insurance: Revolutionary Production Methods Essex County Manufacturing Insurance Revolutionary Production Methods

The popularity of 3D printing technology is increasing the diverse application of the processes. The vast manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing are being used to produce a wide variety of items from biomaterial to full scale housing developments. These new efforts are pushing the limits of these revolutionary production methods in order to meet some lofty production dreams.

Three of the most revolutionary implementations of 3D printing technology include:

  • The printed electric car. In September 2014, vehicle manufacturing cooperative Local Motors will reportedly unveil the first electric car manufactured using the 3D printing production method. The printer they will use is designed to have both addition and subtraction capabilities allowing for better production control and flexibility. Local Motors is revving up to roll out their concept car fresh off the press at the 2014 International Manufacturing technology Show.
  • Natural additive manufacturing. This type of 3D printing is being adapted to create a wide variety of durable goods; however manufacturing company 4AXYZ is increasing the quality of printed products. By using high-quality, uniformly-cut pieces of wood and securing them together through a specialized binding process 4AXYZ is able to produce wood grain and real wood craft goods.
  • The printed house. The Dus Architects firm is attempting to utilize printing production methods to render a full scale 13 room housing development. The industrial scale “Room Builder” 3D printer is being utilized to create plastic parts which lock together to form walls, floors and furniture that will eventually be covered by lightweight concrete for structural support and framework. The project is being built in pieces which will be assembled in a building block style.

With the utilization of new technology, also comes the assumption of different risk factors as any manufacturing business is aware. When adopted, the new printing technology presents new equipment breakdown risks, however the right Essex County manufacturing insurance can ensure that your operation is protected from unexpected financial impacts of equipment breakage or business interruption.

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