Can Fine Art be a Smart Investment?

Can Fine Art be a Smart Investment?Like any collection, finding art pieces that are salable is a passion. However, with a little knowledge and research, your fine art collection can boost the value of your home or commercial space. Therefore, it’s important to understand just how to go about finding the right artwork that will give you a return on your investment down the road. More critical, however, is protecting your assets with an Augusta Fine Art Collection Insurance policy.

Originals vs. Giclèes

According to Investopedia, a giclée is a machine-made print, a reproduction printed on fine paper or canvas with color and clarity that can rival the original. While these copies can be purchased at a significantly lower price (sometimes even thousands less), they are not considered original works, reducing the value of the piece overall. Consider this when determining which model to purchase.

Prints vs. Posters

Naturally, a poster can give the same beautiful image of art at a fraction of the cost. Original prints are often hand-pulled silk-screens or lithographs. While most prints can be distinguished from posters with the naked eye, be sure to come prepared when viewing the artwork. Use a magnifying glass to identify any exaggerated dots of color on the paper as these are often the result of copying.

While some believe buying art should be done due to an emotional connection, some may remain more objective and focus more on the investment side of the purchase. Regardless of your approach, research artists, visit galleries, and become familiar with the pieces you want. Next, don’t forget to have the artwork appraised so you don’t end up paying more than market value.

At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we provide coverage created especially for your fine art collections. We are here to protect all types of sculptures, paintings and collectibles that you have in your home. By determining the worth of your collection, we can appropriately craft a policy best fit for you. For more information on how we can protect your personal insurance needs, call us today at 888.990.0526.