Getting Your Summer Home Ready

Your summer home is where you will travel to have spectacular fun with your family and preparing it for use is essential. It is also something that requires preparation. You tackle outdoor improvement projects and can also prepare your home for weather changes. 

Summer-Ready Home

You want your summer home to be the best it can be. Likewise, it would help if you were ready for all the situations that might arise. 

Clean or Replace Your Gutters

In most regions, summers tend to bring wetter weather and even major weather events like hurricanes. Obstructions in a gutter system are one of the biggest causes of water damage from heavy rains and can lead to high-value homeowners insurance claims.

Cleaning out gutters is crucial to getting your home ready for summer. It is no easy chore, so calling a professional service company may be the best way to manage this exceptionally onerous home maintenance task.

An experienced gutter maintenance technician can take care of any repairs in addition to essential cleaning services. You might also consider replacing or enhancing your gutter system with a drainage solution that does not require ongoing cleaning. Installing screens is an excellent way to prevent obstructions proactively.

Clean Your HVAC System’s Air Handler and Calibrate the Condenser

With hot temperatures on the way, you will be putting higher demands on your home’s HVAC system. Scheduling a service visit for cleaning and calibration should be part of your summer home maintenance game plan. 

Preventive maintenance is essential for your system to operate efficiently. Not cleaning your system will make it harder for air to pass through, so you must run your air conditioner for much longer to get your home to a cool temperature. Being attentive to HVAC maintenance can save energy, make your home more comfortable and help your system reach its entire operable lifespan.

Protect Your Home From Pests

Insect populations typically reach their peak in the foggiest months of the year. Apart from being a disquieting nuisance, some types of pests can cause severe damage to your home. Not every high-value homeowners insurance policy will cover this type of damage, so it is essential to be aware of your coverage’s exclusions.

You scheduled preventive treatments with an extermination company. It would help if you sealed cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior and interior. Also, repair holes in screens or replace screens to deter flying insects from getting in. 

Consider leaving your home for any period to go on vacation. Prepping a second residence may require extra attention to home maintenance logistics. Doing it correctly can help you have a fantastic summer in your second home. 

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