Home Inspection: Hidden Cost of Home Ownership

Home Inspection: Hidden Cost of Home OwnershipAs we mentioned in our previous post, home inspection costs can surprise many first-time buyers. However, this expense is meant to protect you. If you’re in the market for an older home, this step is a critical component to ensuring you make a good purchase. However, what should you do to prepare for a home inspector, and what key things should you look for in a qualified inspector? After all, this professional will be the one to give you the inside scoop on the many features of your house, giving you information to make a fair offer price. Read on to discover how to prepare for an inspection and protect your home with a NJ Homeowners Insurance policy.

How do you go about hiring a qualified and experienced inspector? Follow these guidelines:

  • Qualifications – According to Realtor, the inspector should have some training in construction and building maintenance standards and a track record of experience in the home inspection business. Depending on the location and age of the home, you may need to hire an inspector who is qualified to deal with asbestos, lead-based paint or other potentially hazardous substances. In some areas you may also need to hire a geologist or structural engineer.
  • Sample reports – Ask for a previous sample report to determine if the information is legible, clear, and thorough. Is the checklist complete? Are there notes and explanations? These are critical factors to look for.
  • References – Ask for references from happy clients. The more, the merrier.

Once you’ve hired the right inspector, prepare for their visit. The more preparation you do, the more thorough and complete your inspection will be, which benefits you in the long run.

Make everything accessible.

Make the furnace, boiler, attic, basement, water heater, electrical panel, and other mechanical equipment are accessible to the inspector. If there are any obstructions, the inspector might assume you don’t want those things examined.

Turn on utilities.

Ensure all utilities are on so that the inspector can give a detailed and complete report.

Open up the windows.

Opening blinds, shades, curtains, and other window treatments takes time but is an important step to inspect windows. Brackets and cords deteriorate over time. When they fail under normal operation during the home inspection, can you guess who gets blamed for ‘breaking’ them? Not only that, but houses with unobstructed windows can appear more inviting to visitors.

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