Hosting a Party? You’ll Need Insurance for Your Event

Whether it’s a formal soiree at a glamorous venue or a casual family brunch in your backyard, there’s one thing you’ll always need: insurance coverage. This may sound ridiculous to you. You may think that since your party is going to be small and low-key, there’s no chance that anything could possibly happen. Or you may think that even if something did happen, the liability would solely fall onto your guests. Neither of these is true, and believing that they are true could lead to some costly and time-consuming claims down the line.

Those who host any kind of event should be prepared to protect themselves from the claims that those occasions can generate. A one-day liability insurance for event policy must be secured to properly cover your risks. This coverage applies to claims by third-parties for bodily injury or property damage sustained during an event. One day liability insurance for an event, also referred to as Special Events Insurance, is an affordable and simple way to protect yourself. 

Potential Event Claims

An unforgettable incident can occur at almost any type of special event. Common scenarios include:

  • A guest slips and falls, and become injured. 
  • A fight breaks out between attendees, resulting in injuries to those fighting or to innocent bystanders. 
  • A stage could collapse, causing injuries to performers or guests.
  •  A guest becomes intoxicated and causes an auto accident while driving home. 
  • An attendee causes property damage to the venue.
  • The caterer is a no-show.
  • The venue becomes unavailable.
  • A wedding dress gets destroyed.
  • A con artist masquerading as a guest steals all of the gifts.

What Kinds of Events Should Have Insurance?

For starters, the venue owner may not even rent their facility to you unless you provide proof of insurance, not to mention the claims by injured attendees can be extremely costly. One day event insurance can truly save the event in so many ways. Even the need to postpone or cancel the event would be covered by an event policy.

Sometimes the event is taking place at your home, which can present other concerns. A one-day liability insurance for event policy can cover the risk, sparing a claim on your homeowners coverage. You can even add host liquor liability coverage to the special events policy, which may be wise if any liquor will be served.

Special events insurance can (and should!) be purchased for a variety of events. Consider the coverage for these types of celebrations:

  • Birthday party
  • Wedding 
  • Family reunion
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation celebration
  • Housewarming
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Baptism
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Baby shower

How to Get Special Events Insurance

To obtain a policy, you simply complete an application with the following information

  • A detailed description of the event, including the date, time and duration
  • Location of event and the name of the venue owner
  • Expected number and age range of attendees
  • Whether liquor will be served or sold, and if so, whether a charge will be made
  • Types of entertainment to be provided (live band, clowns, dancers, etc.)
  • Names of entities requiring coverage as additional insureds
  • Type of seating provided
  • Whether you require vendors, performers, etc. to provide evidence of liability insurance
  • Estimated gross receipts, if you are charging for your event
  • Details of any security company being used
  • Temporary structures to be used, such as tents, stages, and booths

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