How Cyber Threats Have Evolved and Sophisticated Over Time

Cyber threats have been around since the early days of widespread communication networks. Even in the 1950s, some people hacked into landline phones to make long-distance calls. As time passed and technology improved, the type and severity of cyber threats have evolved into more sophisticated attacks.

Today, the prevalence of attacks and their more dangerous nature has made Cyber Liability risk a part of nearly every business. Every organization must take action to prevent the consequences of cyber threats by employing preventative measures.

How Cyber Threats Are Evolving

Advancements in technology are excellent to improve business functions and make daily tasks easier. However, these new technologies also allow hackers to misuse and take advantage of the capabilities of emerging tech.

Cyber security is a huge industry, as new attacks constantly require successful means to counteract growing forms of cybercrime. Bob Thomas developed the first computer worm when he wrote a code with the ability to transfer between connected computers. Ray Tomlinson wrote a program in response to this code that could copy itself as it moved to another computer, deleting Thomas’ worm in the process. Tomlinson’s contribution is thought to be the first example of a programming game.

Together, these evolved into the modern form of worms and viruses. The first instance of using this technology to infect other computers and cause a system crash was in 1989 with the Morris Worm. Viruses became more common in the 1990s as hackers discovered that this technology has malicious potential. They began to develop into Trojans and spyware that cyber security answered with antivirus software.

In the present time, cyber threats are becoming more aggressive, stealthier, and cause greater damage. The consequences of coordinated and carefully planned attacks may result in extreme financial loss, information theft, and a suffering reputation.

Which Threats Are More Sophisticated Form of Attack

Greater sophistication is evident in more recent forms of cyber threats. The sheer volume of personal information available on the internet through social media and other accounts gives hackers a wealth of personal and business information to take advantage of. They use specific details in phishing scams to appear legitimate. Viruses are specifically targeted to one program or function to be more difficult to detect. Malware and data breaches are now seen on a wide scale that affects thousands, or even millions of people.

Attacks are more organized and have become a challenge to prevent. The exciting applications of each promising new technology, such as artificial intelligence, virtual machines, and blockchains, are continuously threatened by those seeking to take advantage.

Cyber liability is a very real risk that every company must take seriously. Personalized options may help you safeguard your network to protect and keep sensitive data private. While no business is immune to the threat of cyber attacks, preventative measures to increase security, along with a liability insurance policy, can protect your assets and minimize your risk.

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