How to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Summertime

It’s easy to get distracted and demotivated during the summertime. How can anyone concentrate on work when the weather outside is beautiful and they have barbeques, beaches, and pool parties waiting for them when they leave the office? However, though the summer season can be a distraction, productivity and quality work do not have to be jeopardized during the summer months.

Having the tools to keep your staff motived will come in handy during summertime. By executing pro-active employee motivation and engagement strategies, you can help protect your assets and continue to hit your goals even during a slow summer.

Revisit Your Goals

Meet to review your quarterly goals and make them a priority for your employees. If you don’t set quarterly goals, it’s always smart to reevaluate where you are at on your general goals and see whether or not you’re on track to meet them. Currently being half of the way to the end of the year; check if you are on your way to your annual goals. Revisiting these intentions will increase motivation and remind employees what they’re working toward.

If the summer season has caused things to change at your company (such as having a greater or lower amount of employees, or increasing or reducing business), it will also be worth revisiting your goals and ensuring that they are still within your capacity. It’s important to strive, but setting unrealistic goals that you have no chance of meeting will only discourage your employees.

Note What Employees Do Well

Your employees are one of your company’s most valuable assets, so it’s important to regularly let them know what they’re doing right. If you truly want to motivate your employees and show your appreciation, identify something that each one is doing well to help drive them. Employees are more motivated when their work is being recognized.

Keep Them Interested

You will also want to keep morale up and have daily tasks approached with the attention they deserve by implementing these tips:

  • Allow employees the time to work on specific work or industry-related projects of their choice.
  • Encourage employees to choose projects of their interest.
  • Give employees opportunities to pursue new training or to move up within the organization.
  • Offer challenges to encourage employees to achieve their best.
  • Sponsor a company night for employees to enjoy time together away from the office.

Get to Know Your Team

Taking the time to really get to know your team can make a significant difference. Every employee is motivated by different methods and as you get to know them, you’ll discover what really gets them moving and how to use that to increase their performance throughout the second half of the year. 

Ponder the 4-Drive Model to better understand underlying drives and boost engagement. This includes the drive to:

  1. Acquire & Achieve
  2. Bond & Belong
  3. Be Challenged & Comprehend 
  4. Define & Defend

The summertime is also an ideal time to get away from the office and have some fun. If it is within your budget, look into sponsoring a social event or two for your team.

Allow Flexible Schedules

Introducing a flexible work schedule can be a powerful way to show employees you care. Especially during the summer months when employees may have increased family commitments such as children’s extracurricular activities, this change can improve employees’ work-life balance, allowing them to work more effectively and reduce stress. Incorporate a flexible schedule in your workplace by offering employees alternative start and stop times. For example, one employee may prefer to come in from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., while another may want to come in at 7:30 a.m. until 3: 30 p.m. Taking steps to promote work-life balance, show your appreciation and motivate employees can help your team thrive


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