Infographic: Construction General Liability


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With all the various insurance coverages that construction workers are required, or at least recommended, to obtain; such as Pollution Liability, Surety Bonds, a Commercial Package Policy, and Builders Risk, it’s easy for Commercial General Liability Insurance to get lost in the shuffle.

This is a staple insurance policy however, covering the standard liability risks that your construction firm faces. It insures your business not only for injuries to visitors and other third-parties, but also for damage to your property caused by your company’s operations.

In addition, your Tri-State Construction General Liability policy will help with legal defense costs, and will pay settlements and damages as outlined within the policy. Typical exposures covered by this policy include slips and falls or other injuries.

While Construction General Liability Insurance can be a standalone policy, it could also be included in your Business Owners Policy or Commercial Property Policy with Tri-State. Your Construction General Liability policy is a necessary and beneficial addition to a solid insurance program.

Keep in mind, however, that there are exclusions and coverage limitations to a General Liability policy, and for this reason it’s imperative for you to consider all your risks to determine if you also need Errors and Omissions coverage, Cyber Liability, Pollution Liability, and more.

As the owner or operator of a construction firm, you should never put off purchasing the right insurance policies for your business. While considering costs is important, the cost of going without the appropriate insurance coverage in today’s world could be a far greater consequence.

In addition to covering construction firms and contractors, Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency offers coverage for multiple small businesses throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If your small business has certain pollution risks, malpractice exposures, custody and control issues, or liquor liability potential, among others, we can provide niche industry products to accommodate your needs.