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Lake Safety: Boating Under the Influence (BUI)In this series of posts, we’ve talked about ways for boaters to ensure safety on local New Jersey lakes. One of the biggest factors in boat safety is knowledge and safety courses, which we covered in our previous blog. It should go without saying that boating under the influence has similar consequences as driving under the influence, but we’re going to explore the basics of what this means and the repercussions of doing so. Before reading on, secure your investment with a tailored Bergen County Watercraft Insurance policy.

Consequences of BUI.

According to Find Law, boating under the influence could go on your criminal record, instead of being simply a fine like a traffic ticket. Recreational boat operators could have their boating licenses suspended or revoked. Repeat offenders could face higher consequences, as do boaters convicted of BUI while minors were on board, or who gave alcohol or drugs to minors on the watercraft. Your driver’s license may also be affected by a BUI conviction.

The Coast Guard warns drinking on water is more dangerous than land.

Operating a boat on the water can have detrimental effects. In fact, “Boater’s Fatigue” is common after long period of driving and can cause inhibited physical and mental abilities. This, coupled with the effects of sun, wind, and boat motion can be a deadly combination.

What’s considered a BUI offense?

Depending on the state, some regulations allow a blood alcohol content of 0.08 to be the legal limit while others allow 0.1. Check with your local regulations to avoid getting a hefty fine, criminal charge, and putting yourself and others in danger.

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