Little Known Things Renters Insurance Covers

More and more people are living in rented apartments or homes. If you are one of them, whether you are renting a small apartment in the city or a spacious one in the country, you’ll need to protect yourself and your possessions by securing renters insurance.

Now you might be thinking, why do you need Renters insurance when the landlord is sure to have a property insurance policy? Your landlord’s property insurance policy only covers loss or damages to the property itself. It does not cover loss or damages to your personal belongings. Even if you don’t own much, the cost needed to replace your items can accumulate to a lot more than what you would be willing to pay out of pocket. Because your personal belongings are valuable to you, it is both reasonable and practical to have your own insurance.

Moreover, renters insurance provides more than just coverage for your personal belongings in your rented apartment.

Here are a few facts on what renters insurance covers:

Belongings Away from Home

Renters insurance covers your personal belongings even if they are not technically at home. So, if someone steals your stuff whether at home or outside like in your car, or your hotel room, your possessions are covered from loss events listed in your policy.

Temporary Living Expenses

Disasters can make your rental home uninhabitable. This would make it necessary for you to temporarily live somewhere else while your rental home is being repaired or rebuilt. In such cases, renters insurance may cover the cost of staying in a hotel or another rented apartment. It can also cover your restaurant meals and other living expenses.

Property Damages

Are you clumsy? Do you find yourself almost always in the middle of an accident, like breaking a glass or a vase at someone else’s home? Do you have a toddler bursting with energy, who always causes mishaps without meaning to? Whichever situation you are likely to fall into, renters insurance has you covered.

Borrowed belongings

As long as an item is in your possession whether you actually own it or not, it is protected.

 Medical Expenses

If someone is injured while in your home, renters insurance provides liability coverage for medical expenses, up to the policy’s limit. Suppose you placed a rug in your apartment and caused a visitor to accidentally trip and fall, necessitating a trip to the hospital, your renters insurance policy is there to protect you and cover for your visitor’s medical expenses.

Legal Expenses

Renters insurance also protects you from the liability of court fees and legal expenses, up to the policy limit. Suppose that the visitor who got injured while in your home sued you. The liability coverage of your policy will pay for your legal fees and court awards.

Dog Bites

Renters insurance covers dog bite liability. This means the insurance will pay for all costs relating to the dog bite. This includes medical expenses for shots and medical treatments and may include lawsuits from dog bites.


Do you own high-quality items or top of the brand appliances? You still need bolts in your home to keep you safe because you never want to lose them in the first place. However, if and when you lose it from a robbery, your belongings are pretty much guaranteed.

Spoiled Food

In the event of a power outage that causes your food to spoil in the fridge or freezer, your renters insurance can help replenish your goods.


Renters insurance covers the accidental death of someone while in your home. Suppose again that the visitor who tripped and fell died because of the injury. Your renters insurance will pay for the expenses of your visitor’s death.

Not all policies are the same. You need to find one that is right for you. Not sure how much coverage you need? Let the folks at Best NJ Renters insurance help you.

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