Luxury Home Security

Luxury Home SecurityProtecting family and loved ones is always a top priority. While security systems may be in place, the holidays are a common time for potential intruders to want to target the palatial mansions of the east coast. More assets mean more threat to being robbed, so taking the proper precautions is a must. Therefore, protect your home with a customized Clifton High-Value Homeowners Insurance policy to provide the necessarily increased limits and heed the additional following safety advice.

According to Gulf Luxury, the most obvious system that you need and the most commonly used is a house alarm. The house alarm has the disadvantage that it starts just after someone has gotten inside. But it does make a house to be less tempting for the thieves. The alarm will help you be safer because you know that help will arrive in the shortest time possible in case of a burglary. Make your alarm system obvious to deter would-be thieves- most security companies provide a sign that you can place in your front yard to warn potential intruders to stay away.

Next, steer clear of social networks while you are out of town. There’s no better way to invite a burglar over to your home than by announcing you aren’t home. Keep your whereabouts private until you return and ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home in your absence.

Never leave a key to your home anywhere on the property. Instead, try giving a spare to a trusted friend or neighbor in case of emergencies. Don’t forget to leave some internal lights on a timer if you plan on going out of town to make the home appear occupied. Next, always leave outdoor lights on- a burglar cannot attempt to intrude a well-lit house without getting caught.

Lastly, consider getting a dog. Even a small dog can deter intruders by barking and warning their owners that something isn’t right. If you feel as though the security of your home is at risk, getting a dog can be a great way to deter intruders and create family bonding at the same time.

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