Maintenance Tips for Your Collector Car

Maintenance Tips for Your Collector CarOwning a collector car is a lot of fun, but it comes with a lot of responsibility to properly maintain the piece of history. A classic car requires significant extra work to preserve its beauty and functionality, as it does with any antique. Luckily there is Collector Car Insurance available to you if there was something major to happen to your prized possession. Before it comes to that, however, here are some simple tips you can follow to help your precious piece of history to last.

Keep it Protected

In addition to obtaining insurance coverage for your collector car, you should also cover it physically. Be sure to always keep your vehicle covered so it is protected from rain, wind, sun, and other environmental exposures. Prolonged exposure to these elements can be extremely damaging to your classic car. Rust is a commonly known element to eat away at car parts that can be very difficult to replace, wind can easily blow objects onto your car creating scratches and dents, and the heat from direct sunlight is damaging to many different part of a car. The simple step of using a car cover can go a long way in maintaining your car’s beauty and functionality.

Have Consistent Checkups

Stay persistent with regular checkups by professional mechanics. Even if you preform your own maintenance, it is always a good idea to get a second option by a qualified mechanic. Small adjustments or repairs needed are commonly overlooked and can result in a bigger issue. Another advantage of using a professional mechanic is that they normally have greater access to rare parts and discounts.

Detail Regularly

Staying up on detail cleans is one of the most important ways to take great care of your collector car. Cleaning every nook and cranny possible on a regular basis will prevent build up that can be harmful to its parts which will eventually result in poor performance. Be certain that your car is rinsed and dried thoroughly to remove all soap residues. A coat of wax can help protect it from harmful elements, while also making it look sharp.

Keep it in Action

When it comes to the actual use of your treasured vehicle, you can keep it running smoothly by taking it for a spin! If your vehicle sits without use for too long it is more likely to develop rust and corrosion. Keep it in action by getting it out every once in a while. You and your car will love it!

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