Manufacturing Growth Calls for Need to Attract Millennials

Manufacturing Growth Calls for Need to Attract MillennialsThe manufacturing industry has seen some exponential growth in recent years. In order to keep up with demand, recruiters and executives are seeking to attract millennials to the industry. In order to maintain your business, New Jersey Manufacturer Insurance can provide a safety cushion for your operations.

While millennials might be tempted to work for a start-up company or dive into the technology field, American Oil & Supply president Chuck Decker argues that there is more opportunity and enticement in manufacturing than was originally thought.

He emphasizes, “Everybody appreciates the ability to really make something from scratch, whether it’s a piece of art, a table that will fit in your living room. There’s something raw and human about that. And everybody can identify with it. That’s a lot of the allure.”

In a recent presentation, Decker and his leadership team discussed the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry in hopes of inviting younger, qualified workers to join the field. Decker appealed to the eco-conscious Monmouth University students by demonstrating that their new product line is free of harsh chemicals. In addition, they guaranteed job placement by proving that their company is growing and is in need of ample workers.

While computers have undoubtedly replaced many low-skilled jobs, there has been a new emerging structure since the pit of the recession in 2010. U.S. manufacturers have been aided by an improved economy, rising labor costs in China, and falling energy prices at home, as stated by Joel Naroff, a New Jersey Business and Industry Association economist. Currently, the industry is surpassing overall employment growth twice as quickly.

In addition, the perception of the manufacturing industry has changed. Ultimately, the industry needs researchers, developers, and innovators just like any other. states that attracting millennials is tricky as the generation has made it clear that it not only needs to make money to pay off its enormous student loan debt, but also it wants to work for a company that is a good corporate citizen. By playing on these two key factors, the manufacturing industry will likely be able to entice young workers.

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