New Jersey Manufacturing Insurance: Common Product Liability Claims

New Jersey Manufacturing Insurance: Common Product Liability ClaimsNew Jersey Manufacturing Insurance: Common Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are unfortunately a common legal claim that many manufacturers face. Although sellers and distributors of products that are deemed dangerous can face liability in some cases, typically a manufacturer is held liable when a product is defective. Truthfully, any product that causes an injury can form the basis of a Product Liability lawsuit, but some products are more frequently the subject of litigation than others. Here are some examples.

Dangerous Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

There are many types of chemicals and materials routinely used in a broad array of industrial and consumer products. Some types of chemical exposure can lead to severe symptoms, such as beryllium and asbestos.

Defective Children’s Products

These products may include food, unsafe bedding, a defective child car seat, toys that create choking hazards, and hazardous substance exposure such as lead poisoning.

Unsafe Industrial and Agricultural Equipment

Modern manufacturing and agricultural operations use increasingly sophisticated heavy machinery, which can be dangerous if it fails or contains improper labeling. Common equipment failures include crane collapses, conveyor accidents, and sweep auger injuries.

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Drugs often have side effects, and unfortunately they may have unexpected side effects. If a patient is harmed by a defective pharmaceutical or faulty medical device, they have every right to sue.

Even if your business does not manufacture any of the above products mentioned, it’s still important to know that you do face legal exposures as any type of manufacturer. The best way to legally protect yourself and your business is with an appropriate Manufacturing Insurance policy. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we’ve been serving the Businesses and residents of northern New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for more than 65 years. Please contact us today at (888) 990-0526 to learn how we can serve you.