New York Real Estate Insurance: Traits of a Successful Shopping Center

New York Real Estate Insurance: Traits of a Successful Shopping CenterNew York Real Estate Insurance: Traits of a Successful Shopping Center

Would you believe that the average lifespan of a mall design globally is about seven years? This is according to experts at tvsdesign, who say that affluent customers look for certain amenities, shopping environment, or international fashion brands when shopping. They say that there are six factors that affect a malls success. These factors are:

Comfort: Consumers look for large open areas with comfortable soft furniture and decorative touches that can transform a day at the mall into a relaxing, pleasurable experience.

Diversity: Your shopping center should have not just a wide variety of retailers, but a planned selection of retailers organized to provide convenient shopper access.

Luxury: You’ll notice that newer malls, or newly remodeled malls, strive to create a luxury hotel ambience for shoppers, complete with a concierge service.

Mall “Essence”: This probably can’t be clearly defined, but overall consumers are looking for a shopping experience that makes them feel comfortable, encourages them to stay longer, and persuades them to return to the mall.

Entertainment: Many malls in the U.S. that have undergone remodeling have added outdoor areas, complete with a staging area for bands to perform, and/or a movie theater and more fine dining options. Consumers today expect to find this when they enter a shopping center.

Convenience: This could be the most important factor there is for many people. Consumers want a shopping center that is close to public transportation, has sufficient parking, and has an array of retailers to meet all their needs.

When consumers enter a mall they are typically looking for a full entertainment experience. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand how important your business is and offer you a customized New York Real Estate Insurance plan that can include Commercial Property, General Liability, and other critical coverages. Please contact us today at (888) 990-0526 for more information.