Newton Homeowners Insurance Guide to Deterring Burglars

Newton Homeowners Insurance Guide to Deterring Burglars
Newton Homeowners Insurance Guide to Detouring Burglars

The first quarter report from the New Jersey State Department of Law and Public Safety indicates a significant decrease in crime rates as compared to rate from the first quarter of 2013. The reports indicates that on average, theft of all types decreased between twenty and thirty percent from the reported incidents from last year. Burglary between January and March in particular, decreased a notable 29.2% this year from last. This is encouraging news for homeowners across the state, and evidence that vigilant safety precautions can help detour criminals from victimizing Newton residences.

Protecting your home from invasion can be an overwhelming responsibility, especially if you are a new homeowner. It is important to understand that while security systems, motion censored flood lights and other structural precautions are essential elements of home protection, good residential habits can be equally as crucial. Protecting your home and assets begins with obtaining complete Newton Homeowners Insurance that will secure all your personal property from theft, vandalism, damage and more. Establishing a updating your Homeowners insurance to reflect your changing needs is possibly the best habit any New Jersey property owner could practice, to secure their property and family’s safety. While your Newton homeowners insurance policy may not detour burglars, there are few more useful habits to practice that can.

Criminals look for opportunity and generally assess their ability to succeed when committing delinquent acts, that success is often based on whether or not they will be caught. One of the best tricks to outsmarting criminals is to make it appear that there is a strong likelihood of being caught, even when there is not. In other words, make it look like someone is always home. Hooking up indoor lighting and electronics to timers can help give the appearance that your house is occupied, even while you are away. It is also important to maintain full visibility of all points of entry into the house. While high hedges and fences are designed to keep people out, determined criminals can actually benefit from the shelter they provide. Ensuring that your neighbors and passers-by can easily see windows and walkways will help deter  burglars from attempting an intrusion.

It is also important to maintain a low profile and refrain from drawing attention to your property and assets. Keeping the value of your property hard to assess is one of the best ways to detour theft. By keeping high value items away from windows and evidence, such as boxes, of large purchases off the curb the contents of your household remains a mystery. Parking high-value cars in the garage is another example of veiling the worth of your assets. Criminals are far more likely to strike where they know there will prosper than take a chance on a residence they might not profit from.

At Tri-State, we specialize in helping our customers evaluate and protect all their assets. Our Newton Homeowners Insurance programs are fully customizable to cover high-value homes, condos, vacation homes and more. We also offer a variety of extended Personal Property policies to protect everything from collections to antiques. Give our specialists a call today at (888) 990-0526 for more information about any of the services we proudly offer.