Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Preparing your vehicle for winter is vital to preventing catastrophes from occurring and knowing how to avoid pitfalls. With winter approaching, now is the right time to prepare your vehicle for cold and snowy weather. Inclement conditions on the road are a common cause of accidents, so review your insurance coverages and explore options to increase your protection.

Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Hazards

Here are a few essential things you should do to prepare your vehicle for wintertime.

Consider Enhancing Your Auto Insurance Policy

When there are poor driving conditions in foul weather and more drivers on the road around the holidays, you may be at a greater risk for an accident. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 24% of all weather-related accidents occur on snowy or icy roadways.  Even if you’re a careful driver, some wintertime accidents may be unavoidable. While you can take extra precautions to drive safely in poor conditions, you can’t count on everyone to exercise the same level of caution. Increasing coverages on your auto insurance policy could make you better equipped to deal with damage or injuries after an accident.

Get an Emergency Kit Together

Major weather events can create conditions that force drivers off the road. Also, when snowfall is so heavy that roads become impassable, people can be stranded in their cars for hours or even days. Assemble an emergency kit with essential items like water and blankets. You should also keep an absorbent material in your trunk that you could use for traction if you wind up in a spot you can’t get out of. 

Clean Battery Terminals 

When temperatures are below freezing, corrosive buildup on battery terminals can prevent your car from starting up. Even though a battery is still good, it won’t be able to power a vehicle if buildup causes a complete blockage. Cleaning your battery terminal will remove corrosive debris that freezes and solidifies on chilly winter mornings.

Replace Tires To Avoid Accidents and Claims Against Your Auto Insurance 

Balding tires are a serious safety hazard year-round, but this is especially true when there is ice and slush on the road. Get around to replacing worn tires before you contend with slick roadways. It may make sense to use snow tires in regions that typically see a lot of snowfall. They can prevent you from skidding and give your vehicle better stopping time on snow and ice. Increasing your stopping speed by just one second could make all the difference in avoiding a collision and a costly auto insurance claim.  Putting time and effort into preparing your vehicle for the winter will give you valuable peace of mind. Being conscientious about wintertime hazards and keeping your car well-maintained can help you stay safe.

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