Proper Antique Car Care

Proper Antique Car CareYou finally purchased your dream classic car- something you’ve dreamed about since childhood. So, now it’s all downhill from here, right? Well, in the case of antique cars, the work doesn’t end after you’ve finally made your big purchase. Taking proper care of these vehicles requires ample time and attention. Therefore, in addition to obtaining a New Jersey Antique Car Insurance policy, heed the following care advice.

Keep it clean.

According to Vanguard Motor Sales, to maintain the perfect look, washing it and keeping it as close as possible will keep salt, grime and other impurities from becoming permanent throughout the exterior. Especially before taking it out on trips, give it a deep clean.

Keep it waxed.

A thorough waxing of the vehicle every six months or so should keep the paint in prime condition. Don’t forget to wax the chrome parts periodically.

Keep the interior fresh.

Leather creams, UV protectants, and vinyl cleaners are necessities to keep the interior of your car looking its best. After all, an antique car’s value is based off of both the exterior and the interior – so don’t let the interior maintenance fall by the wayside.

Keep it maintained.

Oil changes, brakes, and fluids should be routinely maintained to keep your antique car running smoothly. As the engines are older in antique cars, these good habits will keep it in peak condition.

Keep the brakes in check.

Once brakes start squeaking, it’s time to change them. Remember to pump them frequently to keep them smooth.

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