Protecting Your Affluent Home: Security and Safety Habits

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Protecting Your Affluent Home: Security and Safety HabitsIn this series of posts, we talked about the best ways for affluent homeowners to keep their assets safe. We’ve covered the basics, including how to choose the best security system for you needs. Taking advantage of technology can boost your peace of mind, but what about the daily things that you might not think about? Taking care of your home and your loved ones means being proactive about safety. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the safety habits you can adopt to improve your home’s safety. Next, secure your beautiful dwelling with a Bergen County NJ High-Value Home Insurance policy.

Lockbox use.

Keep unwanted hands off of your valuables by storing items in a lockbox. Especially if you have people you don’t know very well in and out of your home, such as construction workers and contractors, it’s wise just to take extra precaution with your affluent items. Be sure not to store the passcode in an easily accessible area, and the lockbox should be out of plain view, as well.

Lock windows and doors.

It’s easy to rush out of the door and not consider all of the entry points to your house. Windows and doors should be locked from the inside before leaving. It might take a few extra minutes to get out of the house, but simple habits like these reinforce your home’s safety.

Switch it up.

The neighbor who came for New Year’s and asked for the WiFi password may still be using it. Secure all parts of your home – even the ones you can’t see – by changing your email, social media, and network passwords quarterly. Use smart home technology to remotely turn on and off lighting when you’re away to deter burglars, and change up when you turn on and off lighting to break up obvious patterns, recommends Security Associates.

Patrol outside.

Especially if you have a large property, it can be easy for thieves to hide. Patrol your property regularly, and carry a flashlight and a cell phone while doing so. Security cameras can help to keep “eyes” on your entire property, but even these can have glitches. Stay on top of your property-both inside and out.

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