How to Purchase a Collector Vehicle

How to Purchase a Collector VehicleAs most collectors are aware, buying a collector car requires plenty of research and planning. While doing your homework can prevent you from purchasing a money-guzzling project, there are more tips to consider to ensure you buy the right car. Take these expert recommendations and protect your new investment with an Augusta Collector Car Insurance.

Steer Clear of Rust

Depending on the comfort and experience you have restoring vehicles, rust may be a deterrent. Rust is fixable, however it severely compromises the character and originality of the vehicle. Beware of the extent of the rust on the vehicle and consider how much money it will take to restore it back to its original glory.

Beware of the Miles

The less miles the vehicle has, the better. However, high miles don’t necessarily mean it’s a deal breaker. Check out the condition of the internal mechanics to see if the car was properly maintained. If everything looks to be in great shape, the miles won’t matter.

Matching Numbers is Ideal

“True investment cars are going to be numbers-matching cars,” Jeff Allen of Flat 12 Gallery told Men’s Journal; Allen says most motors have the last six digits of the VIN number stamped on them, which makes that an easy check. “The transmission and rear end are a bit trickier. Usually they’ll be stamped with date codes, which you can look up to determine if the dates sync correctly.” While not all collector-worthy cars have matching numbers, you can’t go wrong with purchasing one.

Do Your Homework

Use the Internet to determine what similar vehicles have sold for. Consider the age, the mileage, and the condition when preparing to purchase a vehicle to ensure you get a great price.

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