Putting Your Luxury Home on the Market: Focusing on Quality


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Putting Your Luxury Home on the Market: Focusing on QualityIn our previous blogs, we’ve covered the basics on how to sell a luxury home and how to price it competitively. Since luxury homes are not your standard tract family unit, this is the time you want to glorify all that it has to offer. To start, this means hiring a quality photographer and paying attention to detail. Read on to learn more about how to focus on the quality of your listing and protect your current and future investments with a Bergen County NJ High-Value Home Insurance policy.

Attention to detail.

Both your photographs and your marketing materials need to be flawless. As we mentioned in our previous post, focus on quality lighting, staging, and immaculate presentation. Refine your photographs to show off perfect landscaping, clean rooms, and uncluttered bedrooms. The last thing you want is for your listing agent to show images of a storage room.  If some rooms in the home don’t have a purpose, invest in a professional stager who can bring the home to life.


When it comes to marketing materials, a typo will rattle your credibility. A luxury property listing should be free of any errors, show off plenty of pictures, and tap into the lifestyle the new buyers would possess.

Perception is everything when it comes to marketing a home. And when you’re trying to showcase a luxury home, you really need to invest in the best quality marketing materials available to make the right impression, says Top Agent Network.

Take it one step further.

Lastly, highlight more than just the quality features of the home. Gear toward selling them the lifestyle. Award-winning schools? Wide open space for entertaining? Wine cellar? Grand pool or theater? Easy access to airports? Focus on more than just what the eye can see, you’re sure to sell your home for top dollar.

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