The Role of On-The-Job Training in Manufacturing

The Role of On-The-Job Training in ManufacturingThe Role of On-The-Job Training in Manufacturing

Companies in various industries nationwide have discovered the benefits of on-the-job training; increase productivity, better employee retention, and even higher morale among workers. On-the-job training (OJT) is a cost-effective solution for these companies, often requiring fewer resources than having to recruit new employees. Through these programs, employers are able to focus on how to increase career opportunities for low-skilled, low-wage workers; supporting their own companies as well as the economy. What role does this play in the manufacturing industry?

Supported by The Boeing Company, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions developed a pilot OJT program to address the needs of the manufacturing sector. This program’s objective was to encourage manufacturers to bring on new employees and then train them for positions that would enhance their prospects for long-term employment.

Through the program, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and Boeing made many important discoveries, such as:

  • OJT is well suited to customize training to the employer’s specific needs, while creating career advancement opportunities for entry-level workers.
  • OJT programs must include clear employer incentives to consider low-skilled candidates, and to hire newly trained workers, to serve as an effective job-placement strategy for low-skilled, unemployed adults.
  • Creating OJT initiative will help workforce development programs strengthen the existing partnerships they have with employers, and help build new employer relationships.

Overall, the general conclusion of the Boeing project was that employers in the manufacturing industry can and do benefit from using on-the-job training as a career advancement strategy, more than as a way to place disadvantaged workers into jobs. Manufacturers have seen success with training workers who could obtain entry-level employment on their own and have prepared these employees for career growth within their companies.

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