RV Driving Tips for Beginners

RV Driving Tips for BeginnersSummer is coming to an end which means any last minute road trips need to happen sooner rather than later. However, before setting out on your trip, drivers need to understand the additional risks that driving an RV poses. Before getting behind the wheel, heed the following advice. In addition, secure obtain peace of mind by securing a customized New Jersey RV Insurance policy.


Riding the brakes could cause them to overheat and stop working, so be sure to monitor your speed and prepare ahead of time for braking. Furthermore, always keep your brakes in good working condition and never start a road trip with brakes that haven’t been serviced or replaced.

Practice turning.

Naturally, navigating in a large RV requires a bit more practice and finesse than traditional car. Practice turning and staying in your lane to avoid collisions before you head out on your road trip.

Be mindful of height issues.

To avoid getting stuck below a railroad bridge or damaging your RV by hitting an overpass, know your height and the maximum allowed by tunnels, bridges, parking garages, and overpasses. A road atlas designed specifically for RV drivers or truck drivers will list the routes you can’t drive on, says the DMV.

Weight concerns.

If your RV started to skid, it would be much more difficult to control than a smaller, lighter vehicle. However, this also means that a heavy vehicle can better stick to the road with the proper tires, good suspension, load distribution, and center of gravity, says the article. Be sure to distribute the weight evenly, ensure the suspension is in good condition, and keep the tread on the tires fresh.

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