NJ Construction Company Launches Safety Campaign

NJ Construction Company Launches Safety CampaignEarlier this month, it was announced that dozens of major construction companies across the country were joining together to launch a campaign aiming to end injuries and fatalities on the job. New Jersey is home to many construction accidents, and thus New Jersey companies are taking note of this campaign. While NJ Workers Compensation for Construction Companies will protect employers financially, it’s important to focus on safety and loss prevention when it comes to construction staff.

Federal data has shown that 15 people died due to injuries suffered on NJ construction sites in 2013, which represented 14% of total worker deaths that year. Companies typically host a safety campaign called Safety Week once a year, as a way to refocus and re-energize their commitment to reducing injuries on jobsites.

Co-chair of Safety Week Charlie Bacon states that in order to end injuries and promote safety, the construction industry overall needs to embrace a different approach to promoting safety. Bacon encourages fostering a culture where workers understand why safety measure are important and what is at stake if they aren’t followed. This is in addition to enforcing safety protocol.

Organizers of various Safety Week activities stress that construction companies should never abandon safety planning and procedures and replace it with this type of safety campaign, but rather this campaign should be used to get people in the right state of mind in terms of safety culture, and being proactive rather than passive about the matter.

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