Storing your Collector Car for Fall? Read This First

Storing your Collector Car for Fall? Read This FirstThe cold winter season is not the best for your collector car. The wet, slippery roads can be hazardous for your vehicle, and leaving it unused in your garage isn’t the best bet either. Therefore, before storing your vehicle for the harsh winter, heed the following advice. Further, now is also a great time to evaluate your NJ Collector Car Insurance, as you still need it covered even when it’s not in use!

Detail your car.

Ensure no salt, dirt or grime are stuck to the exterior or undercarriage of your collector vehicle as it will only expedite the rusting process. Scrub your vehicle down and then seal it with a quality wax. Inside, vacuum thoroughly and polish all leather and rubber parts and ensure the dashboard is clean.

Drain fluids and change the oil.

Give your car an oil change and flush out any old fluids. Further, add a stabilizer to your fuel after you’ve topped off the tank. Be sure to run the vehicle for at least 15-20 minutes to ensure the stabilizer runs through the entire fuel line.

Remove the battery.

Clean off the battery with water and baking soda before storing it in a cool, dry place for the winter.

Check tires.

Inflate your tires up to 5 PSI over the maximum pressure indicated on your sidewalls. This will give ample room for when your tires condense in the cool weather. This is also a good time to check your tires’ treads and overall condition, says King Brothers Collision.

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